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What is goiBT

One key advantage of goiBT is the comprehensive diagnostic report that describes in detail the areas in which the test-takers need to improve.

goiBT is an iBT TOEFL test simulation service that offers a total of 40 practice test. These practice tests have been proven to provides results nearly identical to the official ETS-based iBT TOEFL exam.

The accuracy of its final scores compared to students' actual ETS TOEFL scores is 87%. goiBT practice test offers the student a breadth of practice tests (full length versions, focused short versions) that caters to each test-takers aptitude level and test-taking time preference.
The test was developed through years of research by TOEFL experts at goiBT. With years of accumulated knowledge of the iBT TOEFL test, goiBT offers a practice test that is identical to the ETS TOEFL test.
goiBT TOEFL Test is not burdened by the problems of automatic scoring, offering instead the most realistic diagnosis and results analysis possible. Highly trained and qualified Native English speakers score each test based on ETS standard criteria (language usage and logical flow), which provides students with sufficient and concrete information that can be used to improve their actual test results.
The goiBT TOEFL Test offers the more than 40 practice tests and this number is more than any competitor. The tests do not focus solely on past TOEFL exams, but are instead continuously to be updated through research of upcoming exams.
Many students retake the goiBT TOEFL Test for its accurate evaluations. We are operating our own scoring center in Philippines to offer more accurate reports.