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How To Test

Check before taking test
- Headset: audio and microphone check
- Recommended PC Specifications
- Test download – 20MB (Full Version)

Minimum Required Desktop Setting
- Windows 98 / Internet Explorer 6.0 / DirectX 8.0
- Sound Card, Microphone ready, HDD 250MB, RAM 1GB
- Pentium Single Core

Recommended PC
- Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0 / DirectX 9.0
- HDD 1GB+ , RAM 1GB
- Pentium Dual Core

Input Test Code
- Login www.goibt.com and input test code

Install Test Program
- Click the Test Program Download

1) Press Run button for operation. 2) Select installed folder and press next button.

3) Confirming process for installation. Press next button for continue. 4) Installation completed.

Start Test Program
1) Input ID and Password
  If you do not have ID and PW,
  Please visit to goibt.com to register.
2) Please select active test set from the dropdown menu,
 press start button for downloading test set.
 The test starts right after download completion,
 therefore, please be ready and prepare for taking a test.

If the dropdown menu is not activate.
 1. Please check if you input the correct test code.
 2. Please check if the testing period is correct. You can not take a test before and after the test period.

3) Start a Test
  The test starts right after download completion.
  Follow the test direction from the voice and start taking a test.
4) End of Test
The test starting with Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing sections,
and you have to press continue button from the End of test page to be scored.
Please be aware that you press continue button at end of test page to be scored.