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About Us

“TStudy” is an online company that develops and delivers its own education content through a proprietary online platform. Combining first-class educational R&D team with technical expertise, TStudy is capable of producing top-notch online educational contents and platform. It is currently working on multiple projects that will surely enhance and expand e-learning experience.

In Korea, TStudy caters to elementary and junior high and high school students. TStudy has developed an online infrastructure and service (Omega Math) to assist ‘high-potential’ grades 6-10 students for entrance into highly selective high schools.  Omega Math administers an online exam to students and provides diagnostic analysis, followed by a series of instructions on how to improve weaknesses.  The Omega site provides links to online instructional videos as well as detailed text-based tutorial modules. Omega Math is currently in Beta testing.

TStudy also has online services such as practice iBT TOEFL tests, math, English, elementary learning and college exam preparation. The online services conduct a customized and advanced learning which can fully integrate with TIME’s offline institutes. Utilizing the web, its plan is to become one of the global leaders in e-learning industry.